Our BOOK shows all of our existing models (final dimensions for referenced models) however, the list is not exhaustive.

Our biggest specialty is the art of patina. We can take a recently quarried stone and give it an old look: thanks to techniques for wearing down, marking and shading, we create an authentic look! For 15 years, we have improved our technique with a concern for realism and perfection.

We have said enough, judge for yourself!!

We are structured to answer all private or professional requests in France, EUROPE, and we are used to regularly exporting our products abroad in containers (deliveries may be grouped). We handle packing and order shipment.

Your orders are handled with the utmost care: each stone is marked with numbers, with an assembly diagram and instructions, specification sheet with photo included. We take particular care in packing: protection for each stone, several straps hold stones on the palette and are attached at several points, protective plastic film, detailed palette labeling.