We are a small business made up of professional natural stonemasons and experts in patina.

We take pride in our creations and share the passion for work that is well done. Our pieces represent the harmony and spirit of the SOUTH, perpetuating the tradition of our countryside where fountains are the symbol of life, the village, happiness, discussions among village people, celebrations, wealth, naps, love...

The stones come from quarries in the LUBERON that have been worked for generations: soft white sedimentary limestone with a reliable structure (for making sculptures, intricate designs, heads, paving...)

We make all of our designs in workshops next to the grounds, where a team of stonemasons, sculptors, craftsmen in patina and wrought iron, handle all of the creative steps. We respect traditional methods, repeating gestures from the past.

Our goal is to reproduce models that we have already produced in our workshops or to create custom-made designs according to your inspirations with the help of expert advice from stone technicians. It is always such a pleasure to create a new model!!!

Our inspiration and point of reference is the rich heritage that exists in the villages and countryside in Provence: an endless source of great beauty!!!